Camping Trailers for Small to Midsize Cars

Lightweight Camping Trailers by Price

Prices for camping trailers light enough to be towed behind small cars range from $605 for the BYOPUCT to $63,900 for the Hutte Hut. Generally, soft-sided pop-up campers are least expensive, as the upper structure is typically a tent, and several are light enough to be towed safely behind a car with a 1000-pound towing capacity. The least expensive teardrop camping trailer in this weight class is the Earth T300 at $10,000 and 300 pounds. The Timberleaf Kestrel teardrop is $8500, but its 860 pounds doesn't leave quite as much safety margin as most experts would recommend with a 1000-pound limit. The remaining type, two A-frame pop-ups by Aliner, at $17,889 and $21,365, should be considered only for a vehicle that's rated to tow at least 1500 pounds.

Some trailer models offer a choice between equipment packages. The prices shown here are for the least expensive, base packages at the most recent (2021 or 2022) MSRP I could find as of September of 2021, or, in a few cases, the average, new, retail price when an MSRP wasn't available. These prices are meant to be used only for general comparison purposes, as the actual price one pays will vary from one dealer to another, and for trailers that are bought directly from the manufacturer, a substantial shipping charge will usually apply.

The price for the BYOPUCT is for materials only. If you were to hire a handy person to build one instead of doing it yourself, you could expect to pay for several hours of labor.

Trailer Price (base) Weight (min) Type
BYOPUCT $605.00 460 soft-sided pop-up
Time Out Easy Camper $3,695.00 320 soft-sided pop-up
Time Out Camper $4,195.00 345 soft-sided pop-up
Time Out Deluxe $4,695.00 385 soft-sided pop-up
Tentrax Ascend $7,995.00 600 soft-sided pop-up
Timberleaf Kestrel $8,500.00 860 teardrop
Earth T300 $10,000.00 300 teardrop
SylvanSport GO $10,995.00 840 soft-sided pop-up
Camp-Inn 550 Teardrop $11,254.00 850 teardrop
Coachmen Clipper Express $11,307.00 1418 teardrop
Timberleaf Pika $14,500.00 1025 teardrop
Polydrops P17 $14,990.00 820 teardrop
LITTLE GUY MYPOD $16,066.00 760 teardrop
Vorsheer XRT $16,223.00 640 teardrop
Tuco Caravan $16,500.00 600 teardrop
Aliner Scout-Lite $17,889.00 1180 A-frame pop-up
TAXA TigerMoth $18,550.16 1310 teardrop
Great Escape Caravan $19,000.00 750 teardrop
T.E. Lawrence Caravan $20,500.00 900 teardrop
Aline Ranger 10 $21,365.00 1225 A-frame pop-up
nuCamp TAG $22,000.00 1284 teardrop
Camp-Inn 560 Raindrop $22,695.00 1030 teardrop
nuCamp TAG XL $24,000.00 1388 teardrop
Riverside RV Retro 509 $24,613.00 1050 teardrop
Polydrops P17A $24,990.00 1200 teardrop
Earth T250LX $30,000.00 250 teardrop
Hutte Hut $63,900.00 900 teardrop